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I am from Luxemburg and currently living in Innsbruck at the heart of the Austrian mountains. During the wintertime Tirol is definitely much too cold and Asian countries became my temporary exile.

It was in February 2001 that I first saw globetrotters spinning around those exciting fire-circles and there was no doubt... that`s gonna be my new passion!

Back in Europe I did not want to stop playing. Looking for people who share the passion of fire dancing, a group of old and new friends came together that was later to become the SPIELVOLK.

Dancing with fire is my form of meditation, somewhat like a flirt with the fourth element... without fear, but with lot of respect, you smell, hear and feel the heat of the flames, spinning around your body. You open your eyes and see friends, sharing the same moment and having the same fun... I would not want to miss out on this feeling anymore!

If u are around anytime and you wanna discover the fire in you...
feel free to join our trainings, it´s pure, proper fun!

Sawadee kap

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