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here, for your leisurely contemplation, a little retrospective and parabolical rave written after dreaming I was afraid to fire-poi because I hadn't practiced for waaay too long! :O

...but first, let me introduce you to my wonderful kids :)


Veronica is proud to poi and loves going to meet the Spielvolk family ...


...while Timo mostly likes to fool around with anyone ready to play - he's quite impressed with TomTom's didge and all sorts of sticks ;)

Ah, poi!

Poi has been so much for me - a farewell-souldance, meditation, challenge, love, joy, openness, sunshine, peace... and with fire also adventure, elemental energy, cleansing.

The Spielvolk was irresistibly contagious, back then, in those first days of the summer of 2002 in the "English Garden", and also part of a wave that was gathering momentum in my life at the time.

And it was a knee-knockingly scary but thrilling experience to see the dear Spielvolk people play with fire at the B_rennweg for the first time! Months later (at the event itself I was still way too humble to be capable of even thinking in so outrageous a direction) I still believed I would never EVER dare to play with fire. Poi would always be part of the element of air for me, sunny and colorful contentment.

But then, autumn crept in, and winter did not fail to follow...
Well, the element fire sort of gained in attractivity as temperatures fell, and it was staggeringly breathtaking to finally try it out during a furtive Spielvolk meet in Trish's backyard :)

Everything is change. Every day is flow, feeling, aliveness. And so much is possible!

*peace n love*

good old tiger-bike the tiger bike (r.i.p.)