Stelzen, Firedance, Poi

michi beim rote-nasen-tag 2003

Name: Michael Riedmann

Born: 1st February 1971, it was snowing
Born again: 1st February 1995, overrun by a car, still alive

What life means to me: lovely illusion; breathe; old habits and fears; constant change and new experience

Fire of course - almost burned down my grandparents' farm when i was five
Food & cooking - and other sorts of alchemy
Touch & communication - in whatever form
Shiatsu - a completely different world; respect to ISSÖ, thanx to my teachers
Karate Do - Shotokan-ryu; respect to SKI
Spielvolk - an experienced experiment, thanx for being, guys
Poi & fiery arts - first time seen in the person of Jackie West (Zoom '99), thanx for shining, Jackstar
Remaining in a beginner's state of mind
And many more
Sweet food and spicy as well
Good books and ideas
Being tranced by music, dance and fire
Freaky people and just normal as well
Travelling and feeling at home
All these crazy ideas of people and their diverse ways of managing their lives
Cats, dogs, ravens, vultures, snakes, spiders and all the other kinds of creatures. Giraffes are also cool.
Trying hard to include mosquitos.
Don't like:
Categories - got nothing to do with reality
Too soft beds - not good for any kind of use
Patriotism - what is it good for?
Dead animals on a plate - meat stinks!
Favorite colour:
Black, except for wine

Otherwise there's not very much to say about me

Live and let live

P.S.: Why be normal when you can be yourself?