Dan Renwick aka Dan le Man comes from Australia, plays a French character in his solo show, lives in Austria, speaks a bit of German and learns Russian from a Japanese lady who likes to holiday in Guatamala. His trousers come from Italy.

A truly international man of mystery, Dan plays with the Spielevolk as all round juggler with clubs, rings, ping pong balls, baguettes... he’s a balance man with crazy rolla bolla skills and he can skip on it for a bit more fun.... he plays with fire on his shoes, fire on his clubs and he also has his famous impression of a kangaroo in a bushfire... he’s also a general help out handyman and an all round nice guy!

Dan's trying to get around the world without flying... he started in Ireland and has made it as far Austria... a long way to go but theres no time limit and the journeys the most exciting bit isn’t it?!

Quotes Jokes and a Bit More

"He’s our third son...oh and we love him!" (quoted directly from Dans Mum and Dad)

"Two needles are walking down the street, one needle sees a hedgehog pass by and asks the other ‘Hey wheres the bus going...!" (thats the joke...)

"Blah blah doodily dah bing bong battity booh dop do do dop zap tang" (That's the 'Bit More')