As a kid I started with acrobatic and went on to juggling. The first stage show I did with 14 - a school summer show.
At this event we had been with another artist, Peter (Vargen=wolf) Nilsson, who was a juggler and magician.
After having met the Wolf, I decided to learn more about juggling and its art.
All from the basic juggling balls to long burning ropes of fire.
A bit of clown work came along, interacting with children and ongoing stage events for different happenings.
Magic became a step on the way and I was as thaught this by the Wolf as well. Magic is for me more a funny thing
on the side that can give the event some good time. Fire in act is one of my big interests
in this element of show to work with; I love it so to say "fire is Inside out"
I left Sweden in 1999 to travel and live around the world. I was most doing stuff for myself, but then was SPIELVOLK.
At a place called "English garden" in Innsbruck, Austria I meet them; they were setting up for their first show,
when I was asked to take part. I liked the people and saw that it was going to be lots of fun,...
SPIELVOLK went big as you can see on this webpages...
I will keep my way - working with the groups and will probably find some more along the way of time.

::::::::::::::: From the breath in my heart to the flame in the air ::::::::::::::